Play safe

When we say Hyperino, we say loads of fun! But, let's not forget that casual gambling might become a problem at a certain point! In order to seriously protect you, we want to make sure you are aware of all the risks implied!

Always Know Your Limits

As you already know, gambling is not only about winning, and sometimes you lose. Please, play responsibly at all time and always keep in mind to gamble only what you can affod to lose.

Know and Set Your Limits

In order to track your gambling habits, you can use one of the following tools:

  - Reality Check
  - Deposit Limit
  - Self-Exclusion

Parental Control

In order to monitor and restrict the use of a computer's access to the internet, you can always use third-party apps. Here are a couple of examples:

Net Nanny is a filtering software that protests children from inappropriate web content:

CYBERsitter is a filtering software that allows user-defined blocking of certain websites:

Blocking Gaming Websites

If you want to restrict your access from online gambling altogether, there are special apps that block your access to any gambling websites. Here are some recommendations:

In order to forever exclude yourself from Hyperino, you need to contact our support!

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