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Our friendly support team is happy to help!


We are here for you 24/7.

Hi, do you need our help?

The Live Chat Section will help yout get the answers you need.

Our friendly support team is happy to help!


We are here for you 24/7.

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You can always leave us a  message!

We usually reply within a couple of hours.

Not the chatty type?

You can always leave us a  message!

We usually reply within a couple of hours.


We have made up a list with the most frequent questions

and answers people usually ask on Hyperino.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Payments can be a hassle. But no worries, here are some helpful tips.

When I can collect my money?

All withdrawals are instantly processed starting with Monday at 08:00 AM until Friday 16:00. If you want to withdraw money in weekends, it will be necessary to wait until the first working day to have them in your account.

How can I make a deposit?

It is fast and easy to make a deposit. You need to click the deposit button and select the amount that you want to deposit. The minimum is 10€. After that, you will log in to your bank account and accept the payment. All payments are secured by Trustly, a licensed payment provider.

My deposit in the Hyperino account has failed. What can I do?

First of all, you need to check your bank account to see if your money has been deducted. If yes, you must contact us. Sometimes, the funds are stucked between the bank and us, but everything will be solved in a short time. If it will be necessary, we will ask for a screenshot of the transaction.

What is Trustly?

Trustly is a certified platform for payments. This platform is useful because it is very fast and secure. With their help, you can deposit into your Hyperino account from your bank account. Trustly is a licensed payment institution with a European Payment Services Provider license. They hold a European Payment Services Provider (PSP) license in accordance with the Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC).

Are there any fees charged?

No, no fees are charged for neither deposits or withdrawals.

How can I withdraw money?

It is very easy to do that. You need to click on the Withdrawals button. If you are registered with Trustly, the withdrawals will be processed instantly. Trustly is also a good option for the gambler who deposited with SOFORT or PAYSAFE CARD. All deposit methods are eligible for withdrawals.

Free Spins

Everyone loves free spins. You too, right? Find out how to get them.

Is it possible to get free spins?

Yest it is! You just need to deposit in order to claim the daily free spins bonus. After you make the deposit, the bonus will be automatically received.

When can I get free spins?

Free spins are available once a day. You can claim them if you complete the bonus requirements. To claim free spins, you need to deposit a daily minimum amount.

Is there a time when i can withdraw the winnings from free spins?

On Hyperino, free spins are real cash. You just need to complete the bonus requirements and everything is done. We don`t have wagering requirements for free spins bonus. In other words, free spins mean free cash for you.


Some general tips and tricks to get started at Hyperino.

How can I log in to my account?

You can log in to your account with your credentials. You need to introduce the username and password, or you can Log in with Trustly account. After that, you need to press the login button and everything will be done.


How can I register on Hyperino?

If you want to register at Hyperino, you need to complete the registration process. Enter your personal required data and complete all steps. You can also register with Trustly by introducing your online banking details and by checking them with the verification code sent by SMS. A registration with Trustly will let you withdraw instantly.

Licencing & Security

Licencing & Security

Do you have an active gambling license?

Yes, Hyperino is a licensed in Malta. The license is an insurance for a safe and secure casino experience.

How do i know if my money is safe with you?

All deposits and withdrawals are processed and verified by Malta Gaming Authority. Therefore, all payments are checked with a secured process.

How do I know if the games are fair?

Our games don`t have an algorithm. That means it is impossible to predict the next scatter combination. The games are completely random, this is why luck is very important in this domain. All games are released by licensed providers. The games are tested and approved by MGA.

Responsible Gaming

Gambling should be fun and safe. Here's more information on that topic.

I would like to stop playing for a while. Can I do that?

Yes, you can do that. The self-exclude option is always available at Hyperino. You can select the self-exclude period, but in that scheduled period you won`t be able to log in to your account.

Is it possible to limit my play?

We give you the possibility to put a daily, weekly, or monthly limit for your deposits. If you want to check your spendings, you can ask to receive hourly notifications about that.

What is a 5 minute break?

In Germany, a 5 minutes break is an hourly break for gamblers. After every hour of playing, you need to wait 5 minutes until you can start again. During that break, you can`t play any games.

What do I see after each log in?

Every time you log in to your account, you will see details about accumulated stakes, winnings, or losses for the last 30 days. After you click the confirm button, these details will disappear.

Why I can`t use auto-play button on slots?

In Germany, auto-play is a forbidden option. You can`t use autoplay while you are playing on slots. All rounds are manually activated by you.

What is the duration of a round?

The German regulations say that the round must last at least 5 seconds before another one starts. These rules are active just in Germany.

Do we have a maximum bet on each round?

Yes, we have! The rules say that we can`t bet more than one euro per round. This rule is available just in Germany.

Do deposits have limits?

A deposit limit represents a restriction for your account. If you have a limit, you can`t deposit more money than the number indicated by the limit. As long as you have a limit set, you can not deposit more than that amount. The deposit limit is always visible on the My Limits page. The maximum deposit limit is 1.000€ in Germany.

Technical Issues

Who doesn't experience technical issues every now and then, right? Check out these helpful tips.

What are the reasons for a bad gaming experience?

If your games are running slow, you need to check the version of your browser. Make sure that you have the latest version of your browser installed. Also, you will need the latest version of Flash installed.

Is there a problem if i lose connection while playing?

We are trying to give you the best experience on our online gambling platform, but ,sometimes, this kind of things happen. If you are disconnected while playing, you will still be a participant in that round. In a good case, you will win the round and take the money, in a bad case, you will be credited for a losing round. To solve the problem, it is enough just to restart the game.

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